Department store

- Jul 04, 2017-

In addition to providing customers with shopping, goods shopping malls have become recreational venues. In addition to providing people with the goods they need, they also create a comfortable and casual shopping atmosphere. Good lighting improves the decor, makes the customer feel better, stays longer, and increases the buying behavior. Through effective lighting design, it can help customers quickly identify the characteristics of the goods.

The demand for space display in large department stores is very large. From the view of economy, the energy point of view, the proposal can be used during the dimming control system, or basic lighting and key lighting lamps are separately controlled and opened according to the full or part in creating the most suitable lighting environment at the same time, to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

The facade lighting of the department stores plays an extremely important role in guiding pedestrians into the shopping mall. Exterior lighting includes signage, commercial advertising and wall styling. This is usually used to store LOGO light box, through the gorgeous color and unique style to attract pedestrians; can also use the facade cast light, light outside the mall, or in the transmission way, create a business atmosphere of a superb collection of beautiful things.

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