CSP development and analysis of future trends

- Jan 15, 2018-

CSP development and analysis of future trends

In the past CSP has been a niche market applications, and 2017 is considered the first year of CSP, CSP began to gradually penetrate this year, began to enter some of the lighting products, or the size of the rise.

At this conference, the introduction of CSP, the development trend of CSP, CSP technology of composite reflector cup structure and the progress of CSP in CSP are introduced.

LED package technology from pin-to-SMD, high-power and then COB, Liang Fubo that the next generation of packaging technology is CSP. The current CSP is divided into two kinds of stent and stentless. One of the stent to the sky, Everlight, the national stars, the new century as the representative; no stent with Samsung / Seoul Semiconductor, lumileds, crystal, triple, Nichia, crystal energy. At the same time, Liang Fubo said NICHIA predicts that all current 1W and 1W high-power packaging products will have the opportunity to be replaced by CSPs in the future, that is, the high power is the pioneer of the unstiffened CSP technology.


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