Crystal power breakthrough next generation LED, import quantum dots, CSP backlight and display industry

- May 04, 2018-

Crystal power breakthrough next generation LED, import quantum dots, CSP backlight and display industry

LEDinside recently hosted LEDforum2016, focusing on new technologies that can change the future of the industry, including Quantum Dot, Micro LED technology and so on. Since LED is currently in the LED Backlight Market and the LED lighting market, there are already saturated, high growth potential and different applications that need to be opened separately, making the LED industry need more new applications and directions, including small spacing LED display (advertising Kanban, indoor and outdoor super large screen), vehicle LED, invisible light LED (UV, IR). ), plant lighting, and so on, has proved to be an important application in continuous growth, the future development, more or less opportunity and quantum dot technology, even the Micro LED technology has the opportunity to integrate and bring into play the comprehensive effect.

LEDinside visited the deputy general manager of Epistar, LED, in Taiwan, Taiwan, to know how crystal electricity has come to the next generation of LED chip technology, and has the opportunity to produce more possibilities.

Mr. Xie Mingxun, deputy general manager of crystal electricity, shared with LEDinside his understanding of the technology in the LED chip technology in the next generation, and he thought there was a chance to produce more possibilities. (image source: LEDinside)

Xie Ming Hsun, chief executive officer of the crystal electrical sub company, said that many special applications in the LED industry, crystal power have the corresponding technology, and actively develop and solve customer problems.

According to LEDinside data, the LED industry's annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2016 to 2021 (CAGR) is 2%, showing that the overall explosion growth is not easy to occur, and the main LED application market is in maturity, but more special applications still have high growth potential.

Xie pointed out that in the special applications, crystal power is very optimistic about the application of quantum dot technology on LED, and the development of CSPLED in the LED Backlight Market of LCD TV. The quantum dot Electric has been developing for several years, and now it has come into being and has attracted the attention of the market.

Quantum dot technology with small spaced LED display

At present, the LED chip products used in the LED display have not only the advantages of the red LED capacity and technology and the patent, but also the RGBLED for the display screen, which is high in the visibility and the market share in the small space market, depending on the unique chip microscale, and the effective handling of the cost and the uniformity of the wavelength. By introducing quantum dots technology, the crystal power can produce better color rendering on the small spacing LED display, and the efficiency of luminescence is also improved.

At present, the LED display (LED advertising Kanban, LED Display) is mainly divided into indoor screen, outdoor screen and half home screen. The main buyer is business space operator, used in public space advertising film, advertising posters rotation. In the past, the products in this field are mainly low - order LED products, the distance between LED is relatively large, the resolution in the same dimension is relatively low, and the use of LED is also relatively small.

However, at present, the progress of LED chip and packaging technology in the market can shrink the size of LED chip. The results of crystal electricity in this respect have been confirmed by the market, which can reduce the space between the LED and the surface. As a result, the small distance LED display can have a higher resolution, the audience can compare and admire, feel the significant qualitative progress, and more and more high-order market buyers.

According to Xie, the appearance of a smaller size LED, representing a large display in the outside, has the opportunity to achieve a 100 - inch, 60 - Inch specification in the room, a FullHD high quality, or even a higher quality 4K, which is an opportunity to appear in the future as an option to display the industry.

Indeed, small spaced LED displays have advantages of self luminescence, high brightness, high brightness, excellent color, fast update frequency and easy maintenance, with the characteristics of seamless splicing, with the features of seamless splicing, there are great plasticity in the splicing. There is no other technology in the field of super screen display. The main application areas include war room, conference room, control center, arcade road side and counter booth.

At present, the P1.6 and P1.2 products are the largest in the small spacing distance specification, so the 1010LED and 0808LED specifications are the most demanding. Benefiting from market demand, manufacturers have been developing small spacing displays in recent 2015-2016 years.

LEDinside predicts that the mainstream development trend of 2015-2020 years small spacing display will be from 2015 Pitch2.5mm to 2020 Pitch0.8mm.

Backlight LED will benefit from a new pattern of quantum dots and CSP

The introduction of quantum dot technology can also be used in the package of CSP. In the future, there is a chance to use the backlight of LED, notebook and tablet to create better color performance in the future. In fact, the LCD screen uses the LED of quantum dot technology as the backlight, and the color is bright and qualitative, not only Without losing OLED, it will be better than the OLED panel, and the cost will be lower.

Xie Mingxun also said that the demand for CSP products in the LED market in 2016 was most attracted by the industry. Crystal power has good quality and reliability in CSP (chip size package), and has a good match with terminal design.

Crystal electric co worked with customers to solve the backlight CSPLED used in LCD TV with side lighting design, which is expected to further expand the overall demand of CSP.

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