CREE (NASDAQ: CREE) officially announced commercial production of the industry's first Extreme Density XLamp XD16 LED.

- Jan 11, 2018-

CREE (NASDAQ: CREE) officially announced commercial production of the industry's first Extreme Density XLamp XD16 LED.

XD16 lumens up to Calex high-power LED current density of 5.5 times. Based on the cutting edge NX technology platform, the XD16 combines breakthrough lumen densities, low optical losses, excellent thermal management and ease of system manufacturing for a wide range of applications including road lighting, industrial lighting, flashlights and more Bring innovative new design.

Joe Skrivan, senior technical director at Black Diamond Equipment, said: "The new XR16 divider delivers stunning high light output in a very small package. The XD16's breakthrough lumen output and peak intensity will be the Black Diamond outdoor mountaineering headlamps The product makes a big difference. Using the XD16, compared to existing product designs, can help us achieve better beam-steering design, reduce overall headlight size and reduce headlight weight. "

The XD16 has a lumen density of 284 lm / mm2, which is the most commercially-available, light-emitting grade LED with the highest lumen density. At the same time, the ceramic-based XD16 solves the problems often encountered in other heat-conducting designs, optical design, reliability, and complexity of lamp manufacturing, and has better competitiveness. For example, when LED devices are closely placed on a circuit board, using XD16 can reduce optical losses at the system level by a factor of 3 over other competing technologies. This significant improvement, can greatly reduce the lumen loss of lighting products and improve light efficiency.

Dave Emerson, executive vice president and general manager of Cree LED Division, said: "The introduction of Cree's new ultra-high-density LEDs shows that true LED innovations can help customers improve system performance without compromising trade-offs among various specifications The XD16 offers excellent lumen densities without the design and manufacturing challenges associated with other LED technologies, and lighting manufacturers can now easily achieve superior high-gloss output and high luminous efficacy in their existing product sizes. "

The XLamp XD16 LED is now available for characterization and binning at 85 ° C. ANSI White, EasyWhite 3-step / 5-step MacAdam Ellipse Color tolerances available, color temperature 2,700 K - 6,500 K optional, color rendering index CRI 70,80,90 Optional. XD16 is now available for sample applications, and according to the standard delivery time for mass production.

Shenzhen Siosun lighting using CREE XD16 Siosun2018 used in the latest 2016AresearchPhotacityPhotographyProductsPrinciples, so 1500W high power projection lamp lighting the entire light 170LM / W. Late will be used in high-power floodlights, high-power floodlight, high-power mining lamp and other products. For more information, please visit

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