Cooling is the key to the quality of LED

- Apr 07, 2017-

LED Lights the quality is stable, and the lamp body itself heat dissipation is very important, on the market at present High Brightness LED Light heat dissipation, usually adopt natural cooling, the effect is not ideal.The cooling do not ideal,Life will be affected.

The industry, the application of heat dissipation material should not only focus on coefficient of heat transfer, while ignoring the thermal resistance.If only see some cooling patch, heat paste, cooling or heat conduction coefficient of heat transfer of film is very good, just think you can take the heat out, is likely to be disappointed.The expected temperature decreased,LED Epitaxial won't droop due to overheating, street lamp can effectively prolong service life, acceptance smoothly, may not happen.

from the base plateLines etched on the tin, LED backlight coated ink, protection film into the oven to bake, the whole plate leveling, thermal conductive film, again with the adhesive glue or locks combines the cooling module, a tedious process can be found here: material with good thermal conductivity, thermal resistance impedance will be defeated., the porosity of the junction is not closed, the cooling air gasket, thermal paste powder and multilayer silicon oil volatile after the formation of the thermal conductive film film thickness, formation heat resistance.These layers of thermal resistance can interfere with heat conduction rate, heat transfer is slow, and does not even conduction surface of lamps and lanterns, accumulated heat into increasing.Backlit white ink on the surface of the aluminum plate should reflect not only, also can lower the heat spread through the backlight on the surface of the ink.

Some manufacturers, not to the general white text replace LED dedicated backlight ink printing ink, equivalent to add a layer of paint, the heat seal.After many failures, for the manufacturer to accept new ideas and processes, from the general cooling scheme on eyes.Aluminum substrate to switch to LED dedicated radiator type white backlight ink coating, if specified use yellowish backlit ink, will enhance the reflectivity to 91%.With soft ceramic thermal spray paint on the copper foil between the substrate and aluminum plate, reducing the volume of Japanese film of thermal conductivity, resistance at very low cost to improve the breakdown voltage.

To protect the lamps and lanterns is not affected by the climate environment erosion, effective heat conduction, economical and effective method is to soft radiating ceramic painting.But from the overall concept of heat dissipation, reduce the thermal resistance interference, is the key to LED lamps and lanterns of large through the acceptance.Protect shell lamps and lanterns should abandon the traditional plating or painting, these two methods will reduce the heat seal back inside the lamps and lanterns.

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