Clothing shop decoration renderings

- Jun 29, 2017-

Clothes LED Track Light

LED track lights is a typical feature of energy-saving, the same brightness of the LED track lights and ordinary metal halide track lights, LED track lights power consumption is only ordinary gold halide rail lights 40% -60%, showing its energy-saving effect.

Some good clothing store decoration renderings, different styles, suitable for shops want to shop business friends. I hope you look at the effect of clothing store decoration, or to combine their own style of selling clothing, clothing for their own clothing store decoration. Whether it is a small clothing store decoration or a large clothing store decoration, should be taken into account the psychological characteristics of customers, clothes placed must be reasonable, as well as the choice of light color temperature.

cct3000k LED track light.png

A look at this clothing store decoration renderings will be clothing store simple temperament type of characteristics to attract, the clothing store decoration will be particularly attractive to those who wear simple and generous, this style of clothing store decoration renderings, suitable for affordable clothing store Decoration.

35W LED track light.png

   This may be the most common clothing store decoration in our lives, huh, huh, from the clothing store decoration renderings to see, where the clothes prices are low, the clothes style is relatively simple. This is a typical small clothing store decoration renderings, life, street small market this clothing store everywhere. So this clothing store decoration style suitable for consumption of relatively low consumption of lots.

25W LED track light.png

 Feminine clothing shop decoration renderings, inside the clothes look very texture, color selection is also quite many. Clothing store decoration used in marble decoration, looks very upscale, clothing store four sides of the mirror design, so that consumers always look in the mirror of desire. This clothing store decoration renderings suitable for shopping malls inside, or the higher level of consumption lots.

business led track light.png

   The decoration of the clothing store decoration renderings warmer, young clothes style, clothes color is very rich, like this clothing store decoration to attract a variety of people.

simple led track light.png

 This clothing store decoration renderings, people see it feel very retro feeling. The attic design of the clothing store decoration, almost no clothes in the middle of the clothes, only covered in the style around the simple clothes. This clothing store decoration is more attractive to those young, stylish men and friends. Clothing shop decoration renderings according to the style and consumer groups there are many kinds of points, such as family wind, hit color wind and so on.

The above is a variety of clothing store style decoration, these clothes in the light of the light, it is more bright and bright.

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