choose LED street lamp manufacturers' precautions

- Mar 05, 2018-

Choose LED street lamp manufacturers' precautions

Whether paving a city or a village road, most of the roads are now fitted with street lights. However, as the number of street lights is relatively large, the issue of power saving will be prioritized when installing streetlights. At present, solar street lights are the most economical type of street lamps. However, in many areas, there is a large shade of roadsides or insufficient sunshine for sunshine. Therefore, solar streetlamps are not suitable for such areas and LED streetlights can be preferentially purchased for such areas. Then consumers choose LED street lamp manufacturers what matters needing attention?

LED street light manufacturers choose, first of all, should check whether they have the LED street lamp production qualifications. Most of the LED street lamps belong to public facilities, especially the LED street lamps placed on both sides of the road, most of the circuits are buried underground. If the lighting of the LED street lamps is damaged, they can be replaced separately. However, if there is a problem with the LED street lamp lines, Want to replace the LED lights, the need to re-dig the underground lines, will waste a lot of manpower and resources, and even affect the traffic. Production qualifications of manufacturers, the relative quality of its LED lights are guaranteed, you can guarantee a longer period of use.

In addition to choose LED street lamp manufacturers, but also examine whether the manufacturers can provide to meet the requirements of LED lights. General requirements for LED lights, including the overall framework of the requirements and lighting related requirements. LED street lamps are mostly made of metal material, the need to determine the shape of the LED street lamp at the time of purchase, the specific height, LED lamp pole diameter. Lighting equipment on the relatively high requirements, including the brightness of lighting equipment, electricity consumption and so on. And require lighting equipment durable, if often damaged, then the vehicle on the road is very easy due to lack of lighting, leading to accidents.

For the selection of LED street lighting manufacturers today for everyone to share here, highlight LED lighting from the module, lamp beads, power supply, shell kit and other components of the details of the Department grabbed, based on adaptive colloid zero air spacing Assembly technology to achieve non-destructive transmission; at the same time can be used to enhance the heat of the "big big under the small" type fin structure, coupled with a good light distribution design, making bright LED lighting lamps in the light efficiency, thermal performance far Win counterparts, greatly saving the user's electricity, so that the real sense of energy saving.

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