Chinese LED enterprises are changing the layout of the global lighting industry

- May 03, 2018-

Chinese LED enterprises are changing the layout of the global lighting industry

Recently, the news of GE lighting sale has aroused strong concern in the industry and attracted many Chinese enterprises' intention to bid. Once upon a time, PHILPS, OSRAM, GE and the four giants of Xi Wan ten monopolized the market of 70% of the global lighting industry. Today, we can see that the situation of international power companies has been changed.

With the rise of China's lighting industry, the international traditional lighting giants PHILPS, Xi Wan, OSRAM, GE have stripped and split the lighting business successively, giving Chinese lighting enterprises more opportunities to participate in international competition.

According to statistics:

(LED) the global market size of the LED industry showed a steady increase in the 2010-2015 years, but the growth rate in 2016 and 2017 decreased. In 2017, the global LED industry market scale was about 648 billion 74 million US dollars, an increase of 13.42% over the same period last year.

In the past 2010-2017 years, the market size of China's LED industry has been increasing rapidly. In 2017, the industry scale was 522 billion 800 million yuan, an increase of 14.24% over the same period, and the industry grew faster.

In view of this, the scale of China's LED industry is expanding, and the weight of Chinese enterprises in the international market is becoming more and more important.

Chinese lighting enterprises buy overseas lighting resources

China's lighting enterprises are growing stronger, but they are also making a strong attack on the international market. All kinds of signs indicate that Chinese lighting enterprises have promoted the Chinese lighting industry pattern by acquiring the resources of high quality lighting industry abroad. The lighting industry in China is not only rising, but also changing the global lighting industry layout.

Konka lighting

In August 2016, Konka lighting purchased Toshiba lighting business in China for 1 billion yuan, making it a big eye in the lighting industry. The cooperation with Toshiba will affect the development of Konka lighting in terms of capital, technology, R & D team and so on.

Ma Lin Sen

In March 3, 2017, Mr. holdin's acquisition of landvance was formally passed, and because of the acquisition, he had two strong brands in the North American market, LEDVANCE and OSRAM Sylvania.

Music Acoustics

In June 2017, the international acquisition of flying music, which lasted nearly two years, will finally be completed. Since the acquisition of 80% stake in the international lighting giant Hei Wan Group in December 2015, flying music will have 100% holdings in the group.

Hucan optoelectronic

In January 2018, huaxan optoelectronics made new progress in the acquisition of MEMSIC. The official website of the securities and Futures Commission recently disclosed that huaxan's opto-electronic reorganization plan was approved by the merger and reorganization committee and passed conditionally.

In April 2018, GE lighting formally entered the auction program, flying music, Tong Shi Da, sunshine lighting, three an optoelectronic, Mu Linsen, Jinsha River, IDG and other Chinese LED and lighting manufacturers competing competition, in the end who can seize the GE lighting, the mystery must wait until the bidding to be announced.

GE lighting still belongs to the strong channel brand in North America. It has some advantages. If GE lighting is successfully purchased by Chinese lighting enterprises, it has a great impetus to the development of China's lighting, or will change the layout of the global lighting industry.

Cross boundary cooperation of Chinese lighting enterprises

In the era of great integration of the global lighting industry, in addition to the acquisition of overseas high-quality resources by Chinese lighting enterprises.  Keeping pace with the times and grasping the opportunities brought by new technologies, new economies and new formats such as the Internet of things and big data, and promoting cross-border integration and innovation and development are also a major way. We should promote the position and strength of Chinese lighting enterprises in the national lighting industry, and imperceptibly change the layout of the global lighting industry.

In recent years, PHILPS lighting, OSRAM, GE, OPPLE lighting, NVC, sunshine lighting, modulation technology and other domestic and foreign lighting enterprises have carried out cross-border cooperation and seek new breakthroughs. And attract a large number of capital and innovative technology, such as HUAWEI, Haier, the United States, Ali, Jingdong, millet and other technology giants intervening in the Chinese lighting industry, undoubtedly promoting the pace of China's lighting industry with the times.

Whether it is acquisition, integration or cross-border cooperation, China's lighting industry is growing, and the speed of development is immeasurable. After years of development in China's lighting industry, China has become the largest producer and exporter of lighting products in the world. China's lighting products have already occupied more than 50% of the national market.

Once, backwardness will be beaten. However, with the continuous strength of China's overall strength and the end of the era of hegemony of foreign enterprises, Chinese enterprises will seize more and more opportunities on the international stage, and change the layout of the global lighting industry plate with "China speed".

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