Canada's largest smart LED street lighting project is coming!

- Dec 17, 2018-

Canada's largest smart LED street lighting project is coming!

In December, Montreal, Canada, ushered in a milestone in which 50,000 street lights were replaced by LED lights, including the deployment of an intelligent lighting management system.

This is part of a five-year $82 million (65 million pounds, 565 million yuan) project aimed at transforming Montreal into an innovative city. It is reported that the ultimate goal of the street lamp project is to replace the light source of 132,000 street lamps with LED, which is known as the largest intelligent LED street lamp project in Canada so far.

A key element of the project is the complete interoperability of urban systems. Project Engineer Isabelle Lessard says this is the best way to achieve a unique and advanced platform without relying on the technical constraints of a single vendor.

The project manager and system integrator are Quebec Enterprise nergre. DimOnOff, a Quebec company specializing in lighting control systems, was selected to provide integrated platforms, management software and 20% of nodes and gateways. In addition, Current, a former GE company, provides 60% of the equipment. Telematic Wireless, the global leader in wireless networks, is providing the final 20% of nodes and gateways.


The city has asked the intelligent lighting management system to run as early as possible in the first phase of the project, which means that the replacement of street lights and the development of necessary network infrastructure must be realized simultaneously.

About 6,000 high-pressure sodium lamps are replaced by LED lamps every month. The City estimates that the installation of LED lights will save 60% of energy consumption and 55% of equipment maintenance costs.

It is worth mentioning that this new type of LED lamp has also been certified as "Dark Sky", thanks to their customized beam direction, which means that light pollution and disturbance to the sleep of surrounding animals are greatly reduced.

Because of the enhancement of color and contrast, the new urban lighting can improve the visibility of different road users, thereby improving safety. Street lights near parks and environmental attractions have a color temperature of 1800 K, which the city says does not interfere with the circadian rhythm of animals.

In fact, it was reported last year that the Montreal municipal government was making a decision to replace the light source of street lamp with LED. Because of the public's doubts about the health problems caused by high color temperature, the municipal government has been considering to determine which color temperature-based products to use.

In addition to environmental benefits, the new intelligent lighting system also provides other benefits for cities and citizens. For example, intelligent lighting management system can measure energy consumption in real time, adjust lighting intensity according to weather, traffic or outdoor activities, and quickly intervene in the case of street lamp damage or failure.

In addition, street lights will be integrated with some potential applications that the intelligent city can use in the future, such as snow and flood detection, pollution monitoring and waste management. The launch of the largest intelligent LED street lighting project will make Montreal a "smart city".

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