Brief introduction of maintenance method of LED panel light

- Jun 20, 2017-

  Brief introduction of maintenance method of LED panel light

LED panel light is a beautiful high-end indoor lighting, the outer frame made of aluminum alloy anodized, improve the corrosion resistance of aluminum, aluminum alloy table hardness and wear resistance and good decorative properties. Unique optical design, light through the light guide plate after the formation of a uniform flat light effect. Constant current drive power, conversion efficiency of more than 95%, low power consumption, so that the luminous efficiency of lamps higher.

    1, buy back the lights, the first do not busy installation, should carefully read the installation instructions, and then install the instructions in accordance with the installation of lamps, or there may be dangerous.

   2, in the clean maintenance do not change the structure of the lamp, do not arbitrarily change the parts of the lamp, after maintenance, should be installed as is the lamp, do not miss, wrong parts of the lamp.

    3, in the use of LED lighting, try not to frequent switching, although the number of LED lighting switch is about 18 times the normal fluorescent light, but too often will often affect the internal LED electronic components

   4, LED panel light series of products to install the location away from high temperature objects and easy to fire point.

    5, in the LED panel lights before cleaning, you need to cut off the power to ensure absolute safety.

    6, please use a dry or dry cloth to clean, do not use non-manufacturers to provide chemical or corrosive things to clean the surface of the panel lights.

    7, when leaving the office or the price of the time, please remember to follow the power cut off to keep a good panel lamp life.

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