Badminton venue lights where the difference is

- May 05, 2017-

As an important infrastructure of the arena, the stand or fall of light not only affects the nerve of the facility operator, also affect the business arena, who all don't want to play to the arena lamp is full of customers complain.So of the light is particularly important to choose, so what kind of light for the arena, cost performance is high, good?

Generally on the market, badminton hall into the LED lightingLamp, lamp, metal halide lamp and energy-saving lamps.

1, the discharge lamp, lamp although the cost is low, but it is difficult to guarantee quality, ordinary light even the small and medium-sized mills can produce, but it is difficult to guarantee quality, discharge lamp affect not only the arena high open degree, and short service life, high GengHuanLv, increased the replacement cost.

2、LEDThe lamp, the generalLEDThe lamp is used in13Meters above the arena becauseLEDLamp is flashing point light source,13Meters below the arena, when they playLEDThe light glare influence, not only can't see the ball, too dazzling light, for your eyes burden is bigger also.

3, metal halide lamp, metal halide light failure, a period of time will need to be replaced, and glare stimulation is big, there will be a glare and stroboscopic exist, so now there are few badminton hall to use this kind of light.

4, electrodeless lamp, the new type of lighting design, no filament and electrode, compared with other arena lamp, electrodeless lamp light downy and bright, no glare and stroboscopic, and long service life, often do not need to change, which reduces the operating costs.

   Specifically designed for the badminton hall lighting, the use of low-frequency electrodeless lighting, soft light is not dazzling, safe and secure, the use of up to five years, five years warranty, because the specific, so professional, Detailed consultation (

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