Application of LED Lighting in Modern Architecture

- Jan 27, 2018-

Application of LED Lighting in Modern Architecture

LED lamps with high efficiency and energy saving, health, environmental protection, eye protection, light efficiency, high safety factor, long life and other characteristics, it fully meets the needs of modern architecture.

1, in the public building applications

In public buildings, the common indoor public lighting for the corridor lighting, office lighting, underground parking garage lighting, environmental lighting, etc., and the traditional lighting and modern building requirements have not matched, the specific analysis is as follows:

(1) corridor lighting: illuminance does not need high, generally need ≥50LUX, but the continuous use of a long time, the traditional small energy-saving downlight or low-power incandescent lighting, it is easy to heat, short life, high replacement rate.

(2) office lighting: high illumination requirements, generally need ≥ 300LUX, so the layout of the lighting density, the traditional use of fluorescent grille more, it is easy to flash the eyes of the eye fatigue, inductors will produce 50Hz AC noise and electronic ballasts produce electromagnetic interference, fluorescence also exists mercury pollution, which is more detrimental to human health.

(3) underground parking garage lighting: As modern buildings have underground parking garage, and its lighting is 24 hours day and night, continuous use of particularly long time, the traditional use of sodium or fluorescent lamps, sodium lamps have greater cooling space, consumption High power, high fluorescent lamp replacement rate.

(4) Ambient lighting: In the conference room (venue), grille fluorescent lamps or downlights are generally used more. Although the use of lighting lamps in meeting rooms is not long and the energy saving effect is not obvious, the dimming of traditional lamps and lanterns is difficult and the meeting scenes are not easily controlled. Not gentle.

As can be seen from the above analysis, the traditional lighting there is a high energy consumption, short life, not environmentally friendly, not easy to control and other shortcomings, to solve the lighting problems, LED lights and modern architecture to match the new light source , It solved many difficult problems in modern architectural lighting.

Corridor lighting using LED lights, not only solved the problem of heating lamps to improve safety, but also extend the life of reduced lamp replacement rate, saving energy consumption.

The use of LED lights in office lighting addresses strobing, reduces environmental noise, eliminates electromagnetic interference and mercury contamination, and at the same time conserves power consumption.

Underground parking garage lighting using LED lights, greatly reducing the consumption of electricity and lamp replacement rate, but also changed the lighting environment.

Ambient lighting in meeting rooms, etc. After using LED lights, easy control can form different lighting scenes and bring a comfortable and warm environment to the conference room (venue).

2, in the civil construction

In civil buildings, people are now pursuing energy saving, environmental protection and safety. Incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps and LED lamps that are conventionally used in home lighting can not be compared. The advantages of LED lamps are far greater than traditional fluorescent lamps. In the above public lighting analysis Has been reflected.

In order to specify, we can use 1.2 m T8LED lamp and 1.2 m T8 ordinary fluorescent (fluorescent) for a comparison. See the table below:

It can be seen from the table LED lamp has the advantages of fast response, low power consumption, high illumination, long service life, no pollution, low annual replacement rate and other advantages, with low final expenditure.

Although, the upfront investment in LED lamps is slightly larger than that of fluorescent lamps at present, the investment cost can be recovered in a short period of time, and the price of LED lamps is greatly reduced at present.

3, in outdoor applications

Outdoor, the landscape of building body lighting and aviation obstacle lighting and other LED can better reflect its advantages, as the colorful LED lights, easy to control, low voltage, safe and reliable, LED lights have been widely used in lighting projects. Lighting project used 1.2 m lamp power is generally 9-11W, while the point light lamp power is generally only 3-5W.

Compared with the traditional neon light saving is considerable, from the reliability and safety of LED lights far greater than the neon lights, and LED lights are much more colorful than the neon lights, LED lights from the control point of view easy to control, a lot of Change the pattern only through the software changes, you can achieve. Therefore, LED lights in the lighting project has basically replaced the neon lights.

With the rise of high-rise buildings in modern architecture, aviation obstacle lighting is also essential. High-rise building aviation obstacle lighting with LED lights, the frequency (light flashes / s) is easy to control, clear logo, and because of low voltage power supply, security and high, waterproof and easy to meet the requirements, the maintenance rate is very low.

In addition, LED lights consume low power and can be used in conjunction with solar cells to truly reflect the concept of energy saving and environmental protection.

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