Another innovative applications: LED night economy of uavs

- Mar 03, 2017-

After Edison invented electric light, human beings in the light of science and technology in one of a major breakthrough, the elder brother of the hot in "the wrangling between LED and energy, the environment", that LED the conflict between science and technology and the environment, energy, indeed, we are unable to hold back the evolution of lighting light source technology, it is hard to refuse to advance of science and technology bring convenience for the life of the software and hardware.

May be very hot too alarmist, the thought of the world's population is almost break through 7.5 billion, nearly five years long population is nearly two population in the United States, coupled with the recent earth's climate anomalies, excessive iron brother deep think of future human face the increasingly severe climate anomalies, environmental pollution, issues such as global warming, energy depletion, penned classic whiney.

Today we shall first put the environmental issues aside, to talk about hot elder brother recently observed in the LED indust1488511888655064205.jpgry to a new trend - "night economy"

Recently a large commercial exhibition on the night sky, quietly put up LED the links and unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs), unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) although gossip, but applied to more "aerial", "commercial", "police supervision", "resource exploration", "agriculture" give priority to, in addition to the photoelectric sensor components, uav is difficult to directly link to LED lighting applications.

Intel 2015 in Hamburg, Germany Ahrenlohe near the airport, and 100 uavs launch code "Spaxel" lighting, tie-in orchestra on flying light show, breaking up the number of uav launch at the same time the guinness book of world records.The next year, Intel chief executive Brian Krzani opening when delivering a speech at CES mentioned in 2016, Intel has redefined the fireworks show experience, Spaxel is a combination of 3 d spatial pixels (Space + Pixel).

100 3 d figure note: Intel Drone fireworks display

Figure note: radix stemonae drones took off at the same time

Broke the guinness world record for the next year, Intel again use the 500 code "Shooting Star" of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) break his own world record, Intel's display purpose is through the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) match the LED and changeable light combination, show their IoT networking technology, in the last 100 uavs in the record, a total of four flight controllers control, each pilot needs to operate at the same time 25 unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), but in the 500 uavs launch tasks at the same time, only two flight controllers.

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