Analysis on the Advantages of Vertical LED Packaging Structure

- Jun 05, 2017-

In recent years, the rapid development of semiconductor lighting, once in the form of high-power LED package has gradually changed, including the dress, flip, and vertical structure. Over the years has been dominated by LED packaging market, but with the LED power and structural stability and the requirements of the light upside down slowly catch up, unstoppable. With the decline in mass production and cost, has a place in the market. Looking back at us to see the vertical structure of the LED, the vertical structure of the LED structure in the chip has an unparalleled advantage, but the development of the market has been tepid, there are several reasons, the package would like to use the vertical structure of the characteristics, Vertical structure LED high power thin film package.

This time we introduced the package is to change the previous gold line, with a transparent conductive film film hot pressing in the form of packaging. This is more stable for high-power LED current injection, the current density is smaller, and can reduce the cost of playing gold, thin film package can be lightened. The launch of a product is 40MIL chip, 3535 ceramic substrate package, in the high current is better than the traditional gold line package.

Next in the vertical structure of the chip field, the N-plane electrode can be further optimized, as well as achieving greater lumen effect.

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