Analysis of Key Points in Design of Museum Lighting

- Jun 14, 2017-

We are able to walk into the museum exhibits generally cherish the heart of respect, visit the total hope to be able to observe as much as possible. Therefore, the full range of exhibits, clearly and truly show the shape of the exhibits, texture, color, production process and other details of the museum lighting design is the central task.

Exhibition hall lighting in all directions exhibits need to choose according to the characteristics of exhibits lighting. Dimensional exhibits require uniform brightness of the vertical lighting or horizontal lighting, so that exhibits all stable to show; three-dimensional exhibits require light from different angles of exposure, by controlling the light and the glossy surface brightness ratio, the exhibits show full of three-dimensional The Specific techniques can be a few concentrated light with, it can be diffused light and concentrated light with.

In order to restore the true colors of the exhibits, the light source has a very good color rendering, color rendering index is generally greater than 90. High color rendering index of light can be true to show the original cultural relics, color, the ancestors left the civilization Really present in front of the audience, closer to the distance between the museum and the audience. LED lights, color rendering index of up to 95, can be more real exhibits exhibits the original appearance, texture, details of the process and color.

In the museum lighting, the exhibits show the exhibits are not the same, different types of exhibits because of its material, color and other different sensitivity is not the same, different exhibits need different light to contrast to get the best display The Therefore, the general illumination of the showroom should be determined according to the type of display. Select the appropriate illumination for the display to achieve a good display, as shown in the table below.

In the museum lighting design, any glare phenomenon will affect the audience's detailed observation of the exhibits, as far as possible to eliminate the audience within the vision of a variety of glare is the museum lighting design must be done. Glare includes direct glare, reflective glare, contrast glare. Take anti-glare design lamps can greatly reduce the direct glare generation. In addition, for direct glare generated by the light source, a method of controlling the incident angle of the light and applying a chopper on the lamp can be used to eliminate the light that is directed into the eyes of the viewer. In general, the 30 ° angle of incidence can effectively avoid glare, but also help shape the three-dimensional exhibits three-dimensional sense, so called the museum angle.

In the Expo lighting for the glass showcase generated by the reflection glare, according to the angle of incidence and reflection angle of the relationship between the calculation to determine a light-free reflection image area, the light emitted by the light source in this area, to ensure that there is no reflection Glare into the eyes of the audience. To eliminate the reflective glass on the surface of the reflective and shadow, one is to adjust the light source of the irradiation angle, the second is to ensure that the ambient brightness is lower than the showcase brightness. Precise optics and lighting design can be avoided by uneven brightness distribution and control misalignment to produce contrast glare.

LED lighting anti-glare design and reasonable layout can greatly avoid the direct light of the human eye caused by discomfort and produce a direct glare, while the unique design of the spotlight anti-glare ring and diffuse mirror to make the beam less light, light softer, greatly reducing glare The possibility of the emergence of the embedded tube and deep tube design to reduce the angle of view of the light source, plus the anode surface of the reflector treatment, to avoid the generation of glare in the space, thus creating a harmonious atmosphere of coordination and comfort.

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