Airport Hangar Lighting

- Mar 25, 2018-

Airport Hangar Lighting

To assist maintenance of aircrafts, we need the LED hangar lights. High bay lights used to replace metal halide, high pressure sodium or halogen flood lamps for aircraft housing because of its high aircraft hangar lux levels and life span. Let’s explore how can we fulfil the specification requirement of airport hangar LED lights by a proper lighting design. We have 300 watt, 400 watt, 1000W LED lamps for sale in 2018.

How to light an airplane hangar?


Hangars means the parking or housing spots of planes. The first thing we need know is the lux levels standard for airplanes’ maintenance. For the precise repair, we need about 750 lux to 1,000 lux level inside aircraft hangar. Therefore, to light a 100 m2 area, the lumens required is about 100 * 750 lux = 75,000 lm; and thus, we need at least 75000 / 140 = 535.7W LED lamps. Before the halogen or MH replacement of hangar lighting, we actually need 535.7 * 7 = 3750W to light this airport parking spot. By having this LED retrofit, we can instantly save 600% energy.


How to select good LED lighting for aircraft hangar?


Lighting uniformity

Uniformly distributed LED lighting is vital for plane repair spot because the abrupted and irregular illumination pattern irritates workers’ eye and hence affects their performance and productivity. Our high-bay LED aircraft hangar lamps are suitable for broad indoor or outdoor areas. By making use of various beam angles and power arrangement, we can achieve the best lighting system for the hangars inside airport.


High color rendering index

Our LED flood lamps offers 85 CRI illuminances, which assist the color vision of workers. It is a key factor because if the color codes of the aircraft electronics are wrongly identified, disastrous outcome might occur.


Flicker-free and anti-glare

Like the uniformity, lights inside airplane hangar should not have glare or flickering issues. The strong glare can affect the vision. They workers will easily free tired under the strobe lights.


Long life span

Our LED has 80,000 hours life span. Durable lighting system means less frequency maintenance or replacement on hangar lamps. They operate for 30 years based on 7 to 8 hours per day.


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