After 37 years life of lamps and lanterns, dyson and designed a "longevity" LED Lights

- Dec 12, 2016-

useThe LED light sourceOne advantage is that use a longer life, lower power consumption.Although from the cost point of view,LED lightsBulb is more expensive than normal, but in the long run, as a whole is more save.

As a small home appliance from Britain's most famous brand, dyson will gaze at nowLED lightingProducts.In fact, dyson earlier announced in early April this yearlightingMarket, and released a CSYS lantern lights and Ariel day on the job.It is said that the two lighting using technology to solve the problems on the marketLEDLamp heating problems, 37 years of life.

It is reported, dyson recently and is launching a named Cu - BeamDuo LED droplight, according to the dyson introduced it can continuous use 22 years without replacement bulbs, the absolute is a product of "longevity".

The Cu - BeamDuo biggest characteristic is equipped with two LED light source, one of the light up, down another lighting, this design can help the light cover a wider range.

In addition, because of the characteristic of the LED itself also has a fever, so dyson for Cu - BeamDuo equipped with dedicated radiator, can keep the temperature of the LED light source will not rise and prolong service life.And this is also the Cu - BeamDuo to be able to use the secret of 22 years.

According to dyson, the Cu - BeamDuo floodlight mainly for commercial and business users, for ordinary users, therefore, it is not dyson of users.In addition, dyson hasn't released the specific price of Cu - BeamDuo, but reference dyson other products pricing, and for locating business users, should not be too cheap price.

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