Adjustable light box power high performance characteristics and function of protection

- May 02, 2017-

LED Dimming light box power cut, the dimming range 0-100%,For along the cutting phaseMosfetDimmer and frontier faciesTraicSilicon controlled dimmer apparatus is activePFCfunction0.93Above, isolation type constant currentPlus or minus 5%, dimming light box power also adopt efficient, stable, low loss of switchcontrolchip,Use the excellent performance of components, with low noise, energy conservation, the natural air cooling, environmental protection, long life and other characteristics.

Dimming light box power of 4Big functions to protect:

1. The power protection:If due to fever LED lamps and lanterns, high power, this power to start over power protection, ensure timelyLED lights,To avoid damage, loss reduce to zero

2. Open circuit protection:Output terminal with no load when open.Input the normal input.Products are not damaged

3.Short circuit protection:If the output abnormal output is negative sub.This product will start short circuit protection function, does not damage because this exception.

4.Over voltage protection: this product design of constant pressure, load output voltage will be constant in the scope of design.When the output load voltage range beyond design, this product enter a state of over voltage protection, circuit self-locking,ACAutomatic recovery when the power is not to damage the light box power supply products.

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