A wave of new arrivals of COB, high light efficiency / AC / low thermal resistance / restore the authenticity of color are the highlights

- May 21, 2018-

A wave of new arrivals of COB, high light efficiency / AC / low thermal resistance / restore the authenticity of color are the highlights

The battle for competition around the COB market is constantly fermenting, just as the competition in the industry around the SMD market has been exactly the same in previous years.

Samsung Electronics recently announced the launch of a new generation of COBLED devices. The new D-Series COB products have higher light efficiency and are suitable for directional lighting applications such as professional MR lamps, PAR lamps, commercial spotlights, downlights, and high bay lights.

The new D-Series COB products provide luminous efficacy up to 160 lm/W (5000K CCT, 80 CRI, 85°C), a significant increase over the previous generation, and a significant reduction in thermal resistance by 50%. The launch of new products has greatly enriched the Samsung COB product lineup and provided a wider selection of light sources for directional lighting such as spotlights.

The new generation of D Series COB products can provide 11 different power options, with high performance, high reliability and other characteristics, to meet the DLC Premium standards technical requirements, (DLC is recognized as the preferred mode of LED lighting product performance and quality in North America ).

The new product has a variety of color rendering indices from CRI 70+ to 90+ to choose from, and offers optimized chromatographic solutions for the retail market to achieve "high color saturation" lighting applications that meet the needs of many lighting designers The need for richer, fresher colors in various lighting situations.

Liyang shares newly launched four ceramic COB light sources: 1313 series, 1919 series, 2024 series and 2828 series, respectively, with power ranging from 3W to 55W, which can meet the design requirements of various indoor commercial lighting fixtures. The color of the application products under its illumination is full and expressive, which has greatly contributed to the improvement of transaction volume.

The initial sales of the product have been widely recognized by the market. The series of products can be used in high-end clothing lighting, hotel lighting, decorative lighting, fresh food lighting and other fields.

Advantage 1: Good insulation performance and high pressure resistance

Due to the high insulation of the substrate, ceramic COB light source products can withstand high voltages above 4000V and have good safety. They can be matched with high voltage and low non-isolated power supplies, meet the export safety certification, reduce power supply costs, and improve power supply efficiency. Insulation pressure is high, personal safety and equipment protection are ensured, so that the product is highly integrated and the volume is reduced.

Advantage 2: Superior airtightness

The thermal expansion coefficient of the ceramic substrate is close to that of the silicon chip, and the die opening welding will not be caused due to the temperature change, resulting in attenuation and dead lights. The heat dissipation path is a copper layer →AL2O3 ceramic layer, high thermal conductivity; thermal shock resistance and circuit oxidation resistance The main indicators such as anti-vulcanization performance are particularly excellent.

Advantage 3: high light efficiency, high display, low color tolerance, low attenuation

Due to the high reflection efficiency of the ceramic substrate, the light efficiency of Liyang ceramic COB light source products can reach 120-150lm/w; the main push is 80 and 90, the spot is soft, full, and R9>10, no glare and zebra pattern; the color tolerance is less than 3, color consistency is good; 10,000 hours light failure is less than 2%.

The BDO Runda Package Division has carried out many experimental verifications on different color parameters of different color points through experiments such as packaging process, material selection and phosphor light distribution, and has launched the “Special Lighting X Series COB”.

X series products can realize more vivid and vivid color performance and white light with more natural visual experience. It is controlled with excellent spatial color uniformity and 3-step color tolerance, and achieves better “object color” with different light colors. "Presentation effect.

The BDO Runda X-Series COB light source has developed four series for the characteristics of different objects. Including clothing lighting C series, food lighting F series, furniture lighting W series and warm light lighting Y series.

Jinko Electronics launched a 160 lm/W high-efficiency AC COB last year. The high-index COB series with >95 is based on its mature flip-chip technology and targeted at the needs of high-end application groups (museums, art galleries, etc.). Correspondingly optimize the latest results.

This is a COB with ultra-high light quality, with a color rendering index of 95 or more, close to 100% authenticity of restored color, which can satisfy the reduction of colors in different scenes, and is suitable for high-end, professional lighting places.

Lumners released the latest third-generation COB. The new product has world-leading light efficiency and light quality. With a thermal test of 85°C, a color temperature of 3000K, and an index of 80, the luminous efficacy can reach 150LPW, which can be used in many indoor lighting applications. With a color temperature of 6500K and 70 megapixels, the light efficiency is 170LPW, which can be used in outdoor lighting applications.

With the introduction of the third-generation COB, it means that the company significantly outperformed its peers in terms of product performance. Thanks to advanced packaging technology and the company's Sanan high-quality chips, the new generation COB is 20% lighter than the second generation.

The third-generation COB covers the full range of color temperature and display fingers. The light-emitting surface diameters include 9mm, 11mm, 14mm, 18mm, 22mm, and 27mm. As with all of the LUMMINAS COB products, the third-generation COB is 100% complete and tested at 85°C to ensure thermal performance meets indoor and outdoor application needs.

Hongli Zhihui released the second-generation AC COB new ACLE series, which has higher pressure resistance and stability; it is compatible with some triac dimmers and realizes intelligent bidirectional dimming function.

The ACLE series adopts the "COB package + power package" mode, the power covers 10W/20W/30W, and the size models are LE002/LE003/LE004 respectively. The product adds welding-free terminals to avoid manual welding and causes product failure and joins. Surge protection, built-in over-temperature protection, pressure resistance> 4K, greatly improving the product's pressure value and stability.

At the same time, the product is matched with a special plastic bracket, which is conducive to device protection and installation of the lamp. It is recommended to be applied to lamp products such as downlights and spotlights for commercial/home lighting.

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