8 Resons To Choose UFO High Bay Light

- Jul 19, 2018-

8 Resons To Choose UFO High Bay Light

If you're facing problem to lit up a larger space like big garages, warehouses, then UFO high bay lights are the LED lighting solutions to opt for & hence, needed. The UFO High Bay lights are perfect for lighting up big areas such as warehouses, indoor stadiums, and workshops which need proper light distribution for better illumination.

Nowadays, more and more enterprises are increasingly demanding lighting in production workshops, such as high luminous efficiency, energy saving, long life, light decay, no stroboscopic, explosion-proof and shockproof, easy to install lamps, combined with the lighting industry. If you use LED lights and flying saucer lights more widely, but the factory floor lighting, UFO high bay lights are more advantageous than LED. At present, UFO led high bay light are suitable for industrial plants, stadiums, large shopping malls, supermarkets, etc., explosion-proof lamps and anti-corrosion lamps used in special environments.


Features of UFO high bay light

1, long life, no filament in the bulb and the electrode fluorescent lamp life depends on natural decay phosphor, which is the longest lifetime of all light sources to a light source, the design life of one billion hours (about 10 years of normal use ), since the life of incandescent lamp is 50 times, 10 times the metal halide.

 2, high efficiency and energy saving, high luminous efficiency, good energy saving effect, system luminous efficiency is greater than 140LM / W, is 5 times that of incandescent lamps, compared with ordinary incandescent lamps can save more than 80%, due to the use of electronic high-frequency generators, power consumption Small, the same effect of high frequency electrodeless is equal to metal halide lamp, high pressure sodium lamp compared, energy saving more than 30%.

3, green, no flicker, low glare, completely eliminate eye fatigue, using solid amalgam, 99% recovery of amalgam material, is a true pollution-free green light source.

4, good color rendering, color rendering index is greater than 80, very close to natural light, comfortable lighting, color temperature optional, and can be made into color bubbles, can achieve the different light color lighting required by various environments.

 5, instant start, start time is less than 0.5 seconds, no need to preheat, you can start lighting in an instant.

6. Good electrical performance, power factor greater than 0.98, small current harmonics, wide voltage range, 90V-305V can work stably, in line with national electromagnetic compatibility (CE UL  TUV SAA), no external interference.

 7. Anti-vibration, because there is no filament and electrode in the bulb, the vibration will not affect the bulb and the anti-vibration performance is good.

8, easy to install, can be installed in any direction and orientation.

Application of UFO high bay light:

Construction site, building lighting, hotels, docks, factories, gas stations, football fields, golf courses, exhibition halls, three-dimensional traffic lighting, green landscape lighting, etc.


Installation and maintenance precautions of LED ufo high bay light:

1. Please confirm that the power has been cut off before maintenance and repair;

2. Regularly clean the lens of the mining lamp to maintain good light transmission of the lamp;

3. Regularly clean the outer casing of the mining lamp and the dust of the radiator to maintain good heat dissipation performance;

4, be careful not to use water or corrosive solutions for cleaning, preferably with a dry rag;

5. When replacing the power supply, you can use the screwdriver to open the back cover directly, and then take out the power supply. The AC power supply has three wires. According to the red corresponding to the “L” on the power supply, the blue corresponds to the “N” on the power supply, yellow green or yellow corresponds to “ ", the red line of the DC power line corresponds to the positive pole of the power supply, and the black line corresponds to the negative pole of the power supply. Note that the positive and negative poles are not reversed.

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