5 Quality Indicators Of Badminton Stadium Lighting Design

- Jun 21, 2018-

5 Quality Indicators Of Badminton Stadium Lighting Design



Badminton court lighting design, the basic principle is that, with the highest investment ratio, the lowest power consumption cost, building lighting quality, like the day, bright, clear and comfortable stadium lights. Its main effect index is decomposed as follows.

1. The stadium is as bright as day. Equivalent to the sunlight between 10 am and 3 PM, the light color is pure white, bright and comfortable.

2. Badminton lighting, high color rendering index, strong display ability. The lighting of the venue is not red, blue, pure white and pure. The space object of the badminton hall and the surface of the ball are true colors, and the lighting effect is close to the quality of sunlight.


3. There is no stroboscopic effect on badminton court lights. The stadium lighting is smooth and stable, not fluctuating, no strobe energy, no strobe effect damage. The flight path of badminton in the air does not drag small tail, there is no string of spheres, and the track is real. It's like playing in the sun. Swing it, position it in the air, hit it right. Long time playing sports visual comfort, visual fatigue.

4. Badminton court lighting, no glare hazard. Visual requirements badminton lighting, high visible light energy, low glare energy. In the badminton stadium any Angle, any position, multi-directional, multi-Angle sports when playing. No blinding, no glare, no glare, no glare effect, no glare hazards. Stadium lighting, like sunlight lighting effect. See, see, see, see, hit the ball in the air.

5. Even lighting of badminton hall. According to some developed cities, the lighting experience of high-end badminton stadiums. The lighting of the field cannot have the visual sense of uneven light and shade of zebra stripes. People in the badminton field, there is nobody around. From the ground to the air, the whole badminton hall has uniform illumination, bright and no shadow.

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