4 Steps To Install The Led Flood Light

- Jun 26, 2018-

4 Steps To Install The Led Flood Light

LED floodlights are similar to LED Spotlight. They are all a type of modern energy-saving lighting source that can be locally irradiated in all directions. However, the appearance of the LED floodlights is not the same as the general outdoor lighting. Therefore, these lamps also have their own characteristics in the purchase and installation. Do you know how to install led floodlights?

 LED flood light installation steps:

  1, LED Flood Lights are generally used for outdoor landscape lighting, so its work is not a single lamp alone, but many LED floodlights work at the same time, so the installation generally need to install multiple LED flooding at the same time When installing the lamp, first install the guardrail and make a hole on the wall. The spacing is generally within 3cm according to the actual requirements.


2. After the guardrail is installed, it is necessary to do a good job of anti-static measures for the lamps. For example, the workbench should be grounded, and the installation worker should wear the corresponding static clothes. The antistatic measures must be in place because the quality of the LED floodlights of different grades is different. Antistatic capacity is different.

 3, Installation attention to sealing, poor sealing, diameter affect the life of LED floodlights, because LED floodlights work outdoors, the working environment is relatively poor, if its sealing performance is poor, then there may be water, natural Its service life will not last long.

4, In the installation process, the LED floodlight connection is preferably not more than 25 cm, the transformer power can be longer, otherwise it will affect the brightness of the floodlight.

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