4 Reasons Of Fields And Arenas Are Converting To LED High Mast Lights

- Jul 17, 2018-

4 Reasons Of Fields And Arenas Are Converting To LED High Mast Lights

A sports field or arena calls for some sports lighting. This is especially true for outdoor fields or domes which require high lights, most commonly called high mast lights. These lights need to output large amounts of light per fixture to be able to properly illuminate the field to provide for a good view of the game without troubles.

The issue comes in when these lights do not meet our needs. This can happen through low quality lighting technologies, which are commonly metal halide or LGSP in these high mast lights. They can cause underlit fields, low quality illumination, and even annoying flickering or buzzing of the lights.


To avoid this, we can upgrade and convert to LED. Not only will a conversion to LED get rid of low quality lighting issues, but they will also bring in some major cost-saving benefits. These cost-saving benefits (which we are going to cover) are the number one reason fields and organizations are converting to new high mast options which consist of LED technology.

Thus, we wanted to create this post explaining all of major benefits that the conversion to LED high mast fixtures will bring. From higher quality of light to lower overhead, after reading these benefits you may just consider an upgrade to LED when it comes time to replace your lighting system next.

1Reduce overhead related to your lighting.

The #1 reason companies and organizations are making the conversion to LED in their light fixtures is because of the major cost savings that will come when they switch. Considering that the most common lighting technologies used in high masts are metal halide and HPS, making the switch away from either of these two technologies would allow you to realize up to a 75% reduction in energy usage directly associated with your lighting system.

Since you can realize such great energy reductions, you will be able to not only save money by less energy usage but realize a positive ROI. In turn, this will allow you to actually save money by choosing LED over these other technologies.

2. Longer lifespans and two benefits it will bring.

Think about how high up some of your light fixtures are, especially at a common sports arena. They are typically 20, 30, 40+ feet up, and this can be pricey to have someone to maintain these lights.

Since LEDs lifespan is 2-3 or even 4 times longer you will be able to reduce maintenance costs associated with your sports lighting system . This is another major cost saving benefit alongside the energy reduction in this technology.

Another benefit is the fact that you can stop buying replacement lights so often. Since LEDs last 2-3 times longer, you can by 2-3 times less replacement lights for when they burn out.

3. LED is growing, it’s the future.

As LED grows in reach and market size, the adaptation grows to more areas in all corners, of every market. LED is just starting to really pick up, and there are even a lot of future growth expectations for the future. For this reason, it is a highly attractive technology to implement in a sports field. On top of all this growth, this means you will be able to get this technology at cheaper and cheaper prices as time goes on.

4. Appearance is everything to public sporting events.

If you’ve ever gone to a game where the experience was subpar, why was it? It might be the service or even the seating, but when it's the lighting it is sometimes nearly unbearable. By upgrading to LED you can have a higher quality of light, avoid underlit areas, and get rid of any flickering and/or buzzing lights.

All of these three issues we’ve listed, if they were present in your arena would cause issues with appearance throughout the experience. By upgrading to LED, you can improve light quality, avoid underlit areas, and get rid of buzzing and flickering from ever occurring.

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