2018 US Open Tennis Championships

- Sep 04, 2018-

2018 US Open Tennis Championships

The 2018 US Open is the last Grand Slam tournament of the year and will be held in New York, USA from August 27th to September 9th. Last year's US Open was unpopular, and eventually the Spanish king Nadal took the men's singles champion, and the local black horse Stevens won the women's singles championship.

2018 US Open Award Bonus


Since 2013, the total prize money of the US Open has increased by 57%. 2018 will be the 45th anniversary of the US Open for Equal Pay for Men and Women - In 1973, the US Open became the first event in history to offer equal bonuses for men and women.

The total prize money of the 2018 US Open is up to 53 million US dollars, and the men's and women's single champions will receive 3.8 million US dollars respectively, which is the highest single prize in the history of the US Open. The men's doubles and women's doubles champions will receive a reward of $700,000, which is also a record high in the history of the tournament. Similar to the past three years, USTA will continue to increase the bonuses of the first three rounds so that most of the players in the watch can enjoy the benefits. In addition, the bonus for the US qualifier this year exceeded $3 million for the first time.

2018 US online singles and doubles competition rounds of bonuses at a glance:

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