2018 Lighting Fair in Frankfurt, Germany: Focus on human development

- Mar 26, 2018-

2018 Lighting Fair in Frankfurt, Germany: Focus on human development

The two-day exhibition of the world's largest lighting and building appliances, Light + Building, took place on the 18th. Exhibitors have already moved their latest products and technologies to the exhibition venue. The LEDinside is also at the exhibition site for applications and technologies in applications such as telecommunications, communications, building automation and automotive technology. In the next six days, LEDinside will bring readers first-hand views and reports.

The last Frankfurt Lighting Fair 2016 took the digital, personal and network lighting as its main axis. After two years, the industry was driven by waves of waves of networking. This year's Frankfurt Lighting Fair's main axis has also been deepened into the security after networking. In terms of convenience, the topics covered include smart lighting, human-based lighting, security, smart cities, energy management and lighting aesthetics.

In addition, a major focus of this year's Frankfurt Lighting Fair will be to show the world how to create a more intelligent life for humanity, and established the main axis of human lighting.

In addition to the latest exhibition coverage and brilliant interviews, LEDinside has also launched a series of smart lighting in depth analysis special article "LED new business intelligence lighting full resolution" this month, special topics from the smart lighting market, in-depth analysis of LED wisdom Lighting technology development, application cases, potential market analysis, and the development of rival OLED lighting.

In this topic, we have arranged for the readers the progress of the layout of a number of major manufacturers, LEDinside will also hit the latest developments in the Frankfurt Lighting Fair, including Philips Lighting, OSRAM and LEDVANCE will soon announce several major changes will also A press conference was held during the exhibition to share their views and layout in the future lighting market; LGD will showcase its high-end OLED lighting products, and Sumitomo will also exhibit its latest OLED lighting products.

In addition, including billion light, crystal, Samsung, Seoul Semiconductor, Lumileds and other manufacturers, will also bring the latest technology and products in the lighting exhibition, in order to create a healthier and more natural light source, LEDinside will also be in The time for the reader brings exciting reports.

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