LG-U30100WC 100W Indoor Factory Lighting High Bay Light

LG-U30100WC 100W Indoor Factory Lighting High Bay Light

Product Features: It adopts 1060 pure aluminum sheet oil pressure molding technology, high thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity is 200% of 6063 profile aluminum, and is 276% of ADC12 die-cast aluminum. The lamp body is very light, which can reduce transportation cost and improve installation load-bearing risk performance. . The entire lamp IP65 protection design provides product performance and longevity. LG-U30100WC, Uses Philips 119 3030 High Brightness LEDs. LG-U30150WC, Uses Philips 210 3030 High Brightness LEDs. LG-U30200WC, Uses Philips 266 3030 High Brightness LEDs.

Product Details

Product features and applications

Light source characteristics

LG-U30100WC series uses Philips 3030 SMD lamp beads, with high brightness, low light decay, large current margin, 3030 chip rated current is 200mA, only 120mA is actually used to increase the lamp life and improve the utilization efficiency. Lamp beads brand has passed LM-80 certification.

Power Features:

Adopts Taiwan MEANWELL (MW) power supply, full-range input (up to AC 280V); protection function: short-circuit / over-current / over-voltage / over-temperature; built-in active power factor correction function, when the load ≧75% PF> 0.9; IP65 design. Power has passed TUV, UL, CB, CCC certification。


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